Stem Cell Therapy for Neck PainNeck Arthritis and Spine disease have two common problems causing neck pain, degenerative disk disease and facet arthropathy (a type of arthritis) of the cervical spine. Not all disk problems are amenable to innovative therapy and patient selection is very important to optimize outcomes. Many forms of spine pain are actually due to arthritis of the facet joints (small joints where vertebrae connect to their adjacent neighboring vertebrae).

The Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine has developed a Neck Arthritis and Spine disease treatment protocol that attempts to exploit the anti-inflammatory and healing effects of harvested fat cells . The protocol uses an advanced method of target planning using MRI with gadolinium contrast to identify inflamed or degenerated areas along the cervical spine. Once these are located, SVF is deployed by laser guided CAT scan to within 1mm of the targets seen on MRI. This is all done as an outpatient at the time of fat cell harvesting and procurement. The entire procedure takes approximately 4 hours. This unique targeting and deployment system is the only one like it in the world .