4343460Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of disorders or injuries of the bones, joints, and associated muscles. Our innovative treatment helps to create new cells in existing healthy tissues and to help repair tissues in those structures that are injured or damaged.

When cells divide they create progenitor cells. Progenitor cells can become cells with more specialized functions, such as brain cells, red blood cells or – of particular interest to orthopedic disorders—components of specialized tissue such as bone or cartilage.

Dr. Todd Malan and his staff are currently studying and offering treatment for the following conditions:

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Malan is one of the key physicians in the United States when it comes to innovative treatments and therapies for a wide range of conditions and disorders related to the bones and joints.

Dr. Malan offers consultative, compassionate treatment for orthopedic disorders to address the tissue damage and inflammation that makes many conditions painful and difficult to manage. A pioneer in the study, development, and implementation of innovative therapies, Dr. Malan understands the science behind each treatment and has continued to develop targeted treatment options for specific orthopedic disorders.