The brachial plexus is a nerve bundle that begins at the top of the spinal cord, in the neck area and travels down the arm, controlling muscle movement from shoulder to hand and providing feeling throughout the arm. A traumatic injury to this important nerve network can dramatically impact a person’s daily quality of life in many ways. There are many patients who suffer from the pain, decreased or lost mobility and other effects of a brachial plexus injury. For adults, it can directly impact their ability to earn a living.

The conventional treatment options for a brachial plexus injury can range from physical therapy to surgery, which can involve a reconstruction of nerve tissue or nerve grafting, often with varying degrees of success. In many cases, the age of the patient will have an impact on results, with younger patients experiencing a more pronounced regrowth of healthy tissue and improved natural mobility. The timing of a surgical repair is also important- the sooner the better.

For those left suffering from the effects of their brachial plexus injury, there are often no other available options in current medical protocols aside from palliative care for pain and continued exercise to maintain whatever use they may have. At the Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Todd Malan is a leading physician in the use of cell therapies as an alternative, experimental treatment option for a brachial plexus injury.

New Hope for A Better Outcome

The use of cell paste to treat a wide range of injuries, conditions, and disorders that are the result of damaged or degenerated tissue is common in European countries. Dr. Malan has trained with leaders in the field of regenerative medicine in Europe and brought these techniques to our medical facility serving Scottsdale, Phoenix, and patients from all around the globe.

This treatment uses a patient’s own adipose-derived cells which are injected into the affected area of the body. Cells contain unique properties that enable them to stimulate the body’s natural healing response and the regeneration of new, healthy cells where damaged ones exist. This “regenerative” process is not only natural but permanent in nature when successful, reducing the impact that a disease or injury is having on the patient’s body. Cells do not “cure” a condition of any kind, but can reverse the tissue damage that is impacting mobility, comfort and other aspects of a patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Malan works with patients to determine if cell therapy is right for them, to manage their care and recovery and to monitor progress and the need for further treatments. Confidential, consultative care is the hallmark of your treatment in our Scottsdale medical office. We offer hope for patients in the midst of suffering and the opportunity for them to achieve a long term result using the natural healing power of the body.

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