The Center for Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ is home to an experienced, highly trained and compassionate team led by Dr. Todd Malan. Dr. Malan is an internationally recognized physician for his pioneering efforts in cell therapies. Experimental in nature, cell treatments are widely used throughout the world by leading medical professionals to address a range of conditions often related to an inflammatory disease that has damaged cell structure and impacted the daily life of the patient. Dr. Malan has worked with patients suffering from the effects of a range of diseases and disorders or from tissue damage as a result of trauma. Our office welcomes patients from around the globe and provides personalized, consultative and confidential treatment.

Why Dr. Todd Malan?

Dr. Malan harvests adult mesenchymal cells, which are present in your body’s fat tissue and can be used immediately. These cells have unique properties that enable them to identify damaged cells when placed into affected areas and stimulate the healing process. Scientists continue to study the role of cells in healing damaged tissue and analyze the behavior of these cells in an ongoing effort to fully understand the body’s ability to heal itself through cell therapy.

Using your own cells significantly minimizes the risk of an adverse reaction to treatment. cell therapies are considered minimally invasive, requiring small injections to harvest cells and place them into affected areas.

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What To Expect

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Malan to discuss your medical history and current treatments, including prescribed medications. Dr. Malan will determine if cell treatment is likely to be an effective option and will discuss possible treatment with you for our consideration. A cell treatment can require one or more visits with us for the harvesting of cells and injection of the cell matrix.

Dr. Malan will continue to monitor your progress after treatment to evaluate your health, any changes you are experiencing and to determine the need for any future injections.

The goal of a cell therapy is to stop and/or reverse tissue damage naturally, using your own body’s natural healing process to restore mobility, reduce discomfort or minimize symptoms that you are experiencing. Results are never a guarantee with an experimental treatment such as cell therapy, but the possibility of improving one’s quality of life with natural means can offer hope to patients with a wide range of conditions.

Out of Town Patients

Dr. Malan treats many patients who do not live in the Phoenix metro area. We offer video consultations to begin the process and can work with you to coordinate necessary travel, providing guidance on local accommodation and transportation needs. To schedule a consult or to ask a specific question about our cell therapies in Scottsdale, contact our office at [new_patient_phone_span].