*Note: For the investigational use of Fat Tissue for clinical research and deployment.

Innovative therapy techniques continue to develop as scientists and physicians study its use for a wide range of conditions, diseases, and injuries. Led by Dr. Todd Malan, the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ was the first medical facility in the U.S. to offer patients alternative therapies that have been developed and used throughout Europe, Asia and many countries around the globe. We are currently a leading provider of advanced techniques and remain on the leading edge of this evolving approach to treating chronic disease that has had no cure.

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How Do Cells Work?

Treatment with cells involves the injection of a cell rich biocompatible matrix into a targeted area where inflammation or damaged tissue is leading to symptoms affecting daily quality of life. There is no risk of rejection or reaction when using the body’s own cells, which almost immediately begin to seek out and address cell damage that has been the result of a certain condition, disease or injury. Your cells are “attracted” to inflammation, cell damage and scar tissue and will work to reverse these issues, providing natural healing that is permanent.

An important distinction needs to be made between the cells we use for treatment and the controversial use of embryonic cells. Therapies being developed today are based on the harvest and targeted injection of a patient’s own cells. This is accomplished by extracting cells from a patient’s fat tissue, where they are often stored but not used.

While many physicians in the U.S. currently rely on liposuction to remove the necessary fat tissue, Dr. Malan has incorporated leading technology to more accurately target the harvest of tissue. This technique is less invasive and yields a much higher concentration of cells. For patients, this means a more effective treatment with fewer side effects. It also enables almost anyone to be a good candidate because large deposits of fat are not needed to harvest the necessary cells.

cells treat every phase of the cycle of disease.Dr. Todd Malan

Why Choose Cell Therapy?

For many patients, innovative therapy options offer an opportunity to address the symptoms and side effects of chronic, incurable disease that has dramatically affected their quality of life. In many cases, patients are dependent upon the use of pharmaceuticals that are providing palliative care, often with decreasing effectiveness.

Cells can offer lasting relief from pain and decreased mobility, often after one treatment using the advanced techniques we offer. We have many patient stories on our website that can testify to the benefits of treatment for a wide range of conditions. One important benefit for patients is the elimination of daily medication, many of which have accompanying side effects.

Cell therapies can offer key benefits for your physical health and well being:

  • Reverse inflammation
  • Regulate the immune system
  • Re-establish cell-to-cell communication
  • Replace damaged cells
  • Regenerate normal blood flow